Container Specifications

Standard Sizes & Types

20' and 40' Standard Steel Shipping Containers 40' High cube Steel Shipping Containers Refrigerated 20'and 40' Shipping Containers


New Containers - One trip Cargo worthy Cargo Worthy Used Containers - Suitable for shipment Used Containers - Wind and weather tight As Is - No claims of merchantability and may or may not be weather tight.

Characteristics20' Standard40' Standard40' High Cube
External8'-0"W x 8'-6"H x 20'-0"LL8'-0"W x 8'-6"H x 40"L8'-0"W x 9'-6"H x 40'L
Internal7'-8"W x 7'-10"H x 19'-4"L7'-8"W x 7'-10"H x 39'-5"L7'-8"W x 8'-10" x 39'-5"L
Door Opening7'-8"W x 7'-5"H7'-8"W x 7'-5"H7'-8"W x 8'-5"H
Cubic Capacity1,173 cu. ft.2,391 cu. ft.2,684 c. ft.
Max. Load Wt.39,640 lbs.58,570 lbs.57,434 lbs.
Empty (Tare) Wt.5,160 lbs.8,630 lbs.9,766 lbs.